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JSC «Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation «Oral» (hereinafter –the SEC) is the regional developmentinstitution of West Kazakhstan region. The requirements for the collaborative activity with private enterprises:

  • Cooperation between the SEC and private entrepreneurs (hereinafter – Initiator) accomplishes as a form of a joint venture and transfer of assets as registered capital deposits.
  • Money funds, immovable assets, agricultural properties and other available assets can be used as assets of the SEC and Initiator.
  • The SEC participation share in projects does not exceed 49% of the total cost.

The procedure of consideration and acceptance of the decision of the project will be considered in two steps:

The first step requires Initiator to provide the business plan and application form (without submitting documents). Within 7 working days,the SEC will hold preliminary project assessment and bring up the issue for the discussion to the Executive Board of theSEC.

The second step requires Initiator to bring all the listed documents within 15 working days in case of positive approval.

Within 10 working days, the SEC will hold the project appraisal and bring out the issue to the Executive Boardof the SEC. If the SEC participation share exceeds 10%, the project will be presented to the SECDirectors Committee.

If the project is approved, the registered capital deposits will form, the new company will be registered and executive authority will be assigned which will implement approved business plan.

SEC withdrawal from the project:

The SEC withdrawal terms from the project are listed in the business plan, institution contract and/or investment agreements signed with Initiator.

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