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The state body in the field of technical regulation is the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology (CTRM) of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Technical Regulation” dated November 9, 2004 No. 603 establishes the legal basis of the state system of technical regulation.

RGP "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification" carries out its activities in order to fulfill the tasks of developing and improving the legislative framework and regulatory framework for the technical regulation of the quality and safety of products, works and services in the country and harmonizing them with international requirements.

Standards are applied on a voluntary basis and are developed by the business community, government agencies, and technical standardization committees.

Mandatory requirements for products are set in technical regulations, and methods and methods of production in standards.

National standards are approved by the KTRM. National standards are mandatory if the regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan contain instructions on this.

In order to fulfill the requirements of technical regulations, a list of standards is approved, as a result of which voluntary compliance with the requirements of technical regulations is ensured.

Information on adopted standards, regulatory technical documents is contained in the Unified State Fund of regulatory technical documents

The rules of accounting and application of international standards, standards of foreign states on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are approved by the order of the acting. Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 27, 2012 No. 491.

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