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West Kazakhstan region is located in the western part of the Republic of Kazakhstan and plays the role of the gate to the central and southern regions of the country and the countries of Central Asia.

The territory of the region is 151.1 thousand km2.

Borders with five regions of Russian Federation: Astrakhan, Volgograd, Saratov, Samara, Orenburg and 2 regions of Kazakhstan: Aktobe and Atyrau, connected with them by railways, motorways, water and air transports.

The relief of the territory is flat. There are branched ridges of Syrt and Ural platos in the northern and north-eastern parts of the region. There are Narynkum dune masses: Kokuzenkum, Akkum, Karagandykum and others within the Precaspian basin in the southern part. The climate is humid continental.

The Zhaiyk River (Ural) runs through the territory of the region, which is the major water supplement of the region. There are other large rivers like Saryozen, Karaozen, Kaldygaity, Olenty, Buldyrty, Shyngyrlau. The large lakesin the territory of the region are Shalqar, Aralsor, Botkol, Zhartykol, Sulukol and others.

The soil has different colours and types: dark brown, brown, light brown clay and salts. The majority of the vegetations are grassland steppe-type, grass-wormwood type, and sagebrush-type.

The region is rich for the mineral resources. Production of oil and gas is the major energy resource, Karachaganak oilfield is world’s one of the largest fields.

The centre of the region is located in the city Uralsk.

By January 1 2005, the population of the region was 606.5 thousand people, 262.5 thousand people of which are living in the urban area, which is 43.3% of the total population, in the countryside – 344 thousand people, which is the 56.7% of the total population.

The average density population is 4.0 people per square kilometer within the region.

The region was called West Kazakhstan region before May 3 1962, later it was called Uralsk region, since July 1992 the name West Kazakhstan region was given back.

Uralsk is the administrative, industrial, historical and cultural centre of Western Kazakhstan region.

The city was found in 1613 and is located in steppe zone of the Precaspian basin. It is located on the right bank of Ural River, the extension of which is 1082 km in the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan, and the left bank of the Chagan River. 

Uralsk city is the trade gate from Asia to Europe and other way round. There was one of the branches of The Great Silk Way.

Vegetation is very distinctive for steppe zone. Fauna is diverse; there are plenty of fish in rivers. Climate is humid continental.

The territory of the city with suburbs is more than 700 km2.

The population is 231.8 thousand people, including 83 different nationalities.

There are four village districts within the territory of the city: Zhelayev, Delkul, Zachagansk, Krugloozernoe. The total population of which is 35.0 thousand people.

The distance between Uralsk and Nur-Sultan is 1747 km.

The major role in industrial development of the city plays Karachaganak oil and gas field, which is located 150 km away from Uralsk.

The overall image of the city is very unique. There are historical monuments of XVIII – XIX centuries like E.Pugachev’s house, The Old Cathedral, The Christ Savior Cathedral, Punished ataman’s house, Karev’s house, the regional administration building, and the cultural zones and parks of the city. The modern buildings include new micro districts and residential apartments, airport, railway station, monuments named after Abay, S. Datuly, M. Mametova, V.I. Chapayev, A.S. Pushkin, The Great Victory Memorial and Eternal flame and others.

There are some running and developing factories of the different mineral resources. They include the clays, chalk, sand and gravel and their mixture.

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