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One of the project that started in the frameworks of “electronic government” development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the “electronic licensing” system.

Through the www.elicense.kz you can apply for about 500 types of entrepreneurial activities in the field of industry, architecture and construction, export-import and others. The application is accepted and processed by the relevant state bodies.

Licensing on its own is sufficiently difficult procedure:

  • for accomplishment is not always familiar, is the license necessary to him, or the beginning of activity is always regulates by some other administrative procedure;
  • it is necessary to submit completely great quantity of documents (7-30 types of documents, among which are the identification/incorporation, and specific documents, confirming the applicant’s correspondence to the requirements for implementing the activity – qualification, material base availability);
  • in many cases to get the license is possible in Astana city or districtal center that afford the difficulties for citizen from other cities and districts.

“Electronic licensing” alongside with other components of “electronic government” just today allows to solve many of these problems.

Single point for users – “electronic licensing” portal (at that an applicant as before can address directly to the state agency or «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC).

Also, taking into account the optimization of the licensing process, applications for all types of licensing in declarative form - "forms of information" - are launched. That is, this form enables applicants to fill in information manually and reduces the number of attachments of many required documents.

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