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Acquisition of land

The procedure for obtaining private land
Granting rights for a land plot from the lands in state ownership, in the following order:
 The responsible personTime
The admission for consideration of the application for granting the relevant rights to the land
The initiator 1 working day
Definition of possibility of use of the claimed land by the declared purpose in accordance with the territorial zoning (Making the act of choosing a land plot)
  10 working days
A preliminary selection of a land plot (in case of purchase of land for construction, except construction of facilities within the settlement)
  5 working days
Preparation of conclusion by the Commission created by the relevant local Executive bodies on granting of a land plot
  10 working days
The development and approval of land management project
The decision of the local Executive body of oblast, city of Republican significance, capital, district, city of oblast subordinance, akim of city of district significance, settlement, village, rural district on grant of right to land plot (the Decision/Resolution of Akimat
Akimat/district 7 working days (copy of the Decision sent to the applicant within 5 days)
The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale or temporary (short term, long term) compensated (uncompensated) land use
The authorized body region No later than 10 working days from the date of the decision
The establishment of land boundaries on the ground
The initiator 10 working days
Production and issuance of identification document for land plot, with the exception of the land plot intended for construction of facilities within the village
A public Corporation, leading the state land cadastre 6 working days
*The total period of consideration of application on granting rights for a land plot is up to 2 months from the date of its receipt.
This period does not include periods: the compilation of the land use planning approvals and the establishment of land boundaries on the ground.

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