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The program of modernization of housing and communal services of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 - 2020 (hereinafter - the Program) was developed in order to implement the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 18 February 2011 № 1158 “On measures to implement the President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan on 28 January 2011 “Building the future together!” and on 1 February 2010 № 922 on “Strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2020”.

The program will ensure the development and adoption of measures for the modernization of municipal infrastructure, the creation of an optimal model of housing relations, improve the quality of housing and communal services to the population, and allow through the establishment of special financing mechanisms to ensure the repair of common property of condominium facilities, including thermo-modernization.

The sphere of housing and communal services is represented by two main interrelated elements:

• housing sector, which includes apartment buildings and individual housing construction, which are the main consumers of public services;

• utilities sector, which includes the network and facilities, providing heating, gas and electricity that can be repaired at the expense of funds allocated by the state.

As part of the implementation of the program by increasing the authorized capital of JSC “NC “SEC “Oral” in 2011-2012 allocated 432.5 million. Tenge from the state budget.

Of these, for 425.8 mln. Tenge currently repaired 34 apartment houses (7 objects)  in Uralsk and in 7 districts of the region (27 objects in Akzhaik, Syrym, Karatobe Taskala, Kaztalovka, Dzhangala and Zhanibek districts). Administrative costs of the operator according to FS are 6.66 mln. Tenge.

Today, in order to implement the order of the Prime Minister K. Massimov №06-80 from 4 August 2014, the head of Administration of President of RoK N. Nygmatulina №215-1 from 24 January 2015 and First Deputy Prime Minister B. Sagintayev from 20 February 2015 on the exit of SEC programs, and as part of the Government's proposals to withdraw from the program by the transfer of rights and obligations under the requirements of the contract of assignment specialized authorized organization and the order № 308 of June 9, 2015 “WKR Finance Department” SI has defined 8 specialized authorized organizations.

Based on the order № 308 from June 9, 2015 JSC “NC “SEC “Oral” today carried out of the program by the assignment of rights claims and obligations (contract assignment) to the specialized authorized organizations in 7 districts and in Uralsk.

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